Combat Anticheat 1.7

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Kenax, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. I need some Combat Anticheat for 1.7 version.. I was thinking about Reflex, but now it's only 1.8-1.12, I asked developer and he said he is not sure if it will be possible to add 1.7 again.. So need some 1.7 Anticheat now..

    I'll just answer one question that might be asked.. - Why 1.7 when there are other versions? I just wanna make server like before, normal pvp, and that's what players want, but with good anticheat..
  2. 1.8 has the same pvp as 1.7 I'm pretty sure, and you can use protocolsupport to let 1.7 clients join a 1.8 server.

    But anyways, is the best anticheat for 1.7. I've used it before and it works good, but it takes a good amount of configuration.
  3. Yeah I've heard about that anticheat, and tried it actually on some server (test anticheat servers, something like that).. but as I remember there was some bypasses.. Thanks anyway..
  4. How long ago did you test it? The plugin had lots of issues before but it's current version runs w/o any known bypasses.
  5. Not sure, but it was long time ago.. Will try it again sooner..