Combat Update - Who? What? Where? How?

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What do you think was the most impactful change in the Combat Update?

  1. Freakin attack meter!

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  2. Attack meter for the win!

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  3. Shields suck...

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  4. Shields are a amazing, finally Mojang did something good

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  5. Now I can hold an item in either hand?! Boo! Worst game ever!!!

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  6. Now I can hold an item in either hand?! Huh, neat

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  1. So I wanted to ask you guys:
    What changes did the good ol' Combat Update bring that split the player base so much?
    Is it just the fact that weapons and tools now have an attack cooldown meter? It's the only noticable change I found when looking at the changelog.
    What's so great about the old system?! It's just mindless point and click!!!

    I really want to know your thoughts on the matter :LOL:
  2. Although the old combat system was mindless, the new system feels odd (I don't play a lot of MC).

    If I see an enemy I want to slash it. If my slashes only deel 1 damage I am confused. The spam click system was way easier to understand. In adinddition, waiting to attack feels odd.

    I am by no means an expert on the topic of MC combat, but that just how I feel when playing. I won't go back to 1.8 for it, but it doesn't seem quite right. They should have done it differently. How? I have not clue but something that would be easier to understand and without a meter..
  3. I find the idea of staying on 1.8 solely for the combat quite silly - so much stuff to do and you focus on the least interesting aspect AND limit yourself in the meanwhile?...
    To each their own though.
    Hopefully Mojang will change it soon - they've been working on the new Combat Update for a while.
    Did anything else change except the meter? I find it hard to believe the meter is the only reason to stay in the dark ages when it can be "disabled" with a few lines of code...