Spigot CombatLogX

A modular combat tagging plugin.

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    CombatLog - Configurable combatlog with optional scoreboard

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  2. I did use another plugin that wasn't updated to 1.10, however, it had 1 issue:

    The attacker didn't get tagged when attacking another player, just the person they attacked.

    Does this tag both?

    Does this prevent those tagged from entering Safezones such as in Towny when a Mayor has PVP disabled?
    Does this also work on Mobs, for example, if a player attacks monsters, the player cannot log out nor enter Safe Zones?
  3. This plugin tags the attacker and the target as long as the attacker does more than 0.0 damage
    ex: hitting in safezone would fail, because it always does 0 damage

    Entities cannot tag people, only Player vs. Player
  4. Thanks for the reply, is there a way like the other plugin you can make it prevent people from entering no-pvp zones and also get tagged if a mob hits them or they attack a mob?
  5. I can create a personal plugin if you PM me on Skype
    Skype: SirBlobman
  6. could you add /ct and disable commands and fly in combact
  7. What would /ct do?
  8. when do /ct it should say You are in combat for x Seconds
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  10. @SirBlobman

    Doesn't work for me unfortunately.

    The combat tagging works. It displays the scoreboard/timer, gives the correct configured messages, the commands work, etc. BUT when the tagged player logs out they are not killed. Not only are the not killed but when they log back in the timer is gone for them. I tested with 2 characters and as soon as I tagged them I logged one out and immediately back in. One character still had 15 seconds, but the one that logged out has no timer left.

    I'm in survival mode of course on spigot 1.10.2

    Additional plugins I have are:
    WorldEdit / WorldGuard

    I also have latest version of your plugin, btw.
  11. Should be fixed in 0.0.8
  12. ...that was quick... Thanks man! Lol, it works now.
  13. No problem!
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