Spigot CombatLogX

A modular combat tagging plugin.

  1. If you have the Citizens Compatibility expansion installed, NPCs will be spawned instead of killing the player
  2. Okay, but I don't have the Citizens plugin installed. Will it solve it?
  3. The issue should not be caused by CombatLogX then
    If you have an auto-respawn plugin make sure its delayed by at least 1 tick after death and that it does not respawn players that have already quit
  4. I was wondering if I could get some help with bow/arrow tagging? If one player has '/pvptoggle' enabled players can hurt/tag other players with a bow/arrows. The other player with '/pvptoggle' turned off, would still receive damage. The '/pvptoggle' feature works great otherwise. Is there a specific configuration I could change to fix this?
  5. I cant seem to find NPC spawn on log settings, just kill on log settings, where could i find NPC details?
  6. Make sure that "link projectiles" is enabled in the main config and in the NewbieHelper configuration

    Check the configuration located in /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/CompatCitizens/
  7. Check the configuration located in /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/CompatCitizens/[/QUOTE]
    One of the ad dons i assume, any dependencies?
  8. The Citizens Compatibility expansion is located in the CombatLogX.zip file and requires the Citizens plugin to work properly.
  9. How can I disable messages in-game? I mean, I want just the scoreboard to be seen, without any message in the chat, becuase it does a lot of spam in farms. For example:

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  10. All messages can be disabled by setting them to "" in the language.yml file.
  11. Thanks! Consider to add Elite Mobs compatibility?
  12. What type of compatibility would be needed?
  13. Mobs which spawn in the world because of this plugin don't go in combat with the player
  14. Make sure that mob combat is enabled in your config.yml
  15. Hi,

    When a player logs out when his tagged, he loses all his stuff even if the stuff is undroppable (like cheat crackshot gun on my server for example).

    It would be nice if a player's inventory was dropped when he died because I know that for the stuff with "death_no_drop" in crackshot you can't do anything
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  16. Player inventory drops are not handled by CombatLogX unless you have NPCs enabled.
  17. Latest version seems to not like the most recent TitleManager version... :/
  18. I did not work on TitleManager so you'll have to contact them, you may need to disable the TitleManager features in the Notifier expansion as I did not know they were going to add compatibility
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