Bukkit CombatLogX

An expandable combat-tagging plugin with actual logging options

  1. How would i block a player from typing certain commands? Is that possible?
  2. Make sure you install the CheatPrevention expansion and check the following config:
    /plugins/CombatLogX/expansions/CheatPrevention/cheat prevention.yml
  3. i installed it, what do i do now?
  4. Check the config like I told you to
    There should be a "blocked commands" section
  5. k, do i have 2 add it as a plugin in the plugins folder 2 or just in expansions?
  6. Just the expansions folder, If you add it as a plugin it will show an error
  7. also, is there a way i can make it so only aggressive mobs and not animals give u combat tags, i don't see it in config
  8. wait nvm about that found it
  9. Good luck with the server :)
  10. it didn't add a section to config, i even deleted config and restarted and still nothing
  11. What do you mean? You use "/clx reload", you don't need to restart or reload
  12. SirBlobman updated CombatLogX with a new update entry:

    API and Bug Fix Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. Hi author!
    Plugins can support #CoinFlipper ?
  14. You'll have to ask the author of CoinFlipper to support it. He hasn't updated his support for a while unless I missed something

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