Coming back from player count declines?

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  1. When I launched my server, in the first day enough money was made to cover all expenses up until that point. Things were going extremely well. A week passed and there were a minimum of 10 players on at all times with a maximum of 50. I went away for a week, and to my surprise when I came back, the server was completely dead. It has been a week not and a total of 6 players have joined all of who never came back. I posted my server on just about every voting website out there and I bump it daily on planetminecraft. I am lucky if I ever see a player online. I tried contacting people to create Youtube videos on my server in order to boost player count, but I was unsuccessful in that I do not have a large advertising budget at the moment, and no one within my budget responded to any of my emails.

    I have made sure to add the content that was lacking and should have been added in the first place to prevent such a thing ever from happening again. This post is not meant to be an advertisement, but if you would like more information to critique my server the ip address is
  2. I haven't joined your server, but I think it's generally nice to offer an additional website with a live map and forums for players to connect outside of Minecraft, and a voice chat server such as Discord. It's all about the community.
  3. Yes, these are all very good ideas, which I have already implemented.
  4. Loads of big servers that I helped out with or played on are down to a handful of players. Despite their great efforts or community.
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