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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by TiemeSvanE, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Hey guys,

    the case is as following,
    I am creating a faction server with a couple of mates and
    I want to have some moderators to keep the server
    in peace when we go public,
    The only thing is, which I've noticed on other servers
    is players accusing moderators of power abuse.

    To fix this problem, I am looking for a plugin which alerts
    all the players online when a moderator goes into god mode,
    or teleports to another player. I am using EssentialsX for these
    basic commands.

    The commands I would like to have broadcasted for this specific
    GroupManager rank "Moderator" are
    - Tp
    - There
    - God
    - Fly

    Does anyone know if a plugin like this already exsists or where to start
    when writing your own?

    Hope to hear from you guys!
  2. Unfortunately there's no public plugins for that. But I can make you this plugin for free. If you want me to do that, text me on discord.
    Discord: aglerr#9849
  3. you could simply use a plugin that creates aliases and do that when you execute /tp, it executes the commands /say %player% Executed the command /tp ! and /essentials:tp
  4. Might have to hire someone.