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Feature command block useage for NON-OP players with perms.?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by hooptiecoupe, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Not sure if this is possible,

    I was running the 12-13-14-a version of spigot (until today when i updated)
    and we discoverd last night that NON-OP players could access and change Command_Block information!

    Kinda crazy. I just updated to 01-13-15-a and this is resolved.

    SOooooo FYI for server owners who want to allow non-op's to mess with command_blocks
    Since it was fixed, i was wondering if there would be away to add this as an option the spigot config files?
    or perhaps to allow giveing a permissoin thur pex or something else to allow NON-OPS to access command_blocks.

    Thanks for considering.. and thanks for fixing this bug/glitch in thew newer snapshots.
    That was about to get bad on my server cause i use command blocks for LOTS of stuff.
  2. I'm pretty sure something like thos could be made as a plugin but as an actual option in the settings, I don't think that's so smart..
  3. ya, i've sent emails out to a bunch of plugin devlopers to see if this can be done.
    There is one for 1.7.2 called 'safecommands' that we were using and worked in 1.7.10 it required protocolib to work.

    but, since 1.8.1, protocolib as updated , so the the safecommand plugin wont recgonize protocolib anymore :/

    its kinda a niche plugin i guess. since most servers dont want to allow acess to teh commands.
    I want to allow so people can work on and devlop adventure maps for peoplet to enjoy.

    but at the same time, i cant OP them, cause then they can use teh /mw goto command to acccess other peoples worlds.
    and each world is meant to be private until the mapowner asks us to make it public.
  4. I can look into making the plugin for you, though I've only been working with the bukkit api for a few months so I can't promise anything.

    @DarkSeraphim any input on this?
  5. The only thing the plugin seems to do is add some filters to the packet sent by the client when it edited the command block through the GUI, and add some commands to set the command / name of the command block (note that this is without GUI). Also be aware of the fact that 1.8 no longer allows us to open the command block GUI remotely.
  6. inteeresting, thats prob why the plugin broke? Theres still some other plugins i can use that work with 1.8.1 surprisingly :)

    worldedit and voxelsniper, as well multiworld plugins all apper to run great on 1.8.
    Yes, if you could figure out how to make this , it would be deeply appericated. I've had several people on my server asking when it will be avail to use again.

    Its one of the key features i was happy to offer to people who hosted there maps on my server. So, they could work on and test command block setups for adventure games they were makeing.

    Also, jsut a quick note, im noticeing that the @e dosnt apper to workin on the server. Is it not implemented into Spigot yet?