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  1. Hello,

    is it possible to log command block output in combination with the player?.
    I gonna put it to sql but that is not a problem. i really don't know how to get command block output + player.

    I hope someone can help me out.
    i hear people already starting to scream "LEARN YOUR JAVA!" yea that's right but everybody needs to learn and i think you learn by asking.

    Thanks everybody for your help already!.
  2. Do you mean like... the player that pressed the button activating the command block? Or are you just wanting to save player and command block command events? You could try the three command events and see if they fix your problem.

    RemoteServerCommandEvent << This one is probably useless for your purposes, but could check it out anyway
  3. Thnx, and what is the best thing to start the void with? ?
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