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Bug Command Blocks act through worlds

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by VapidLinus, May 2, 2015.

  1. This might not be a bug, but I've looked through the Spigot and Bukkit settings several times and there seems to be no way to turns this behavior off so now I'm going to assume it's a bug. To make sure this wasn't just me, I first posted a discussion thread about it, where others confirmed seeing the same behavior. You can find that here:

    As the title states, command blocks seems to act through worlds. If I enter "tp @p 0 100 0" it would take the closest player, not considering if they're actually in the world or not. So if the closest player is in another world, that player will be picked.

    My server runs several different matches which are all in different worlds. People are getting randomly teleported sometimes because of this issue and you can probably see why I'd like this fixed.
  2. This sounds more like a Mojang bug. Generally when I use command blocks, it's for small things, so I just use @p[r=5] out of laziness. But I agree, I have had a few other issues with using coordinates and other worlds; detecting a player that is in the same coordinate location but different world.

    A suggestion that would fix the issue is, when the command block has a coordinate setup, it defaults to the world the command block is located. If the command block were to effect another world, a new variable could be used, such as w=world_nether.
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  3. You could just use radius so that the closest player within 5 blocks is picked e.g. @p[r=5] I'm not sure if that will fix it but it might help!
  4. As @LigerXT5 stated it matchs them in a different world aswell.