Command In Block Plugin?

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  1. I really need a plugin wich add commands to blocks ..
    I tried this one but the permissions are not working ..
    I also tried this one but it double runs the command ..

    - the command runs right clicking on a placed block
    - spigot 1.10.2

    Any help?

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  2. It would be helpful if you'd provide the game version you want the plugin to be. And if you'd want it to do the command when you place, interact or break the block. You could also look into the powertool command from Essentials. This binds a command to your current in-right-hand block or item.
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  3. Thread updated ..
  4. Why not ask the devs of one of the plugins you tried to fix it? There's an actual person behind the plugin who made that, y'know. It's not something that just fell out of the sky that nobody can work on or fix bugs. Just send both authors a message asking them to fix their bugs.
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  5. I already did .. yesterday I got a message from a dev who I asked for a "small fix", guess what, I asked for help months ago xD