Spigot Command Items 1.2.0

Add a command to any item!

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    Command Items - Add a command to any item!

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  2. ZLP


    Confusing to use?
    I ran into an Issue with the plugin and here's what happened:
    I started the server and wrote "/commanditems give Zauberer_LP money1000 1" into the chat.
    It worked great, it gave me the paper and it had a different color. I wasn't able to test if the command works because I don't know what command the unedited config file adresses to but right clicking it removed the item to I'm pretty sure the command would have worked as well.

    Anyways, because wanted to change as little as possible, I only changed "money1000" to "money2000" and started the server again.

    I expected that I now had to write "/commanditems give Zauberer_LP money2000 1" instead but this wasn't the case, it still only takes 1000 as a valid input.

    What am I doing wrong?
  3. It should have worked fine with the name changed to money2000. Can you maybe join my discord server and give me more info? https://discord.gg/e2Hdh97

    edit: Just to be sure, you either restarted the server or typed /commanditems reload right?