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  1. How do i change the command not found message?
  2. In Spigot.yml you can change; unknown-command: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
  3. But can i do it in my plugin too? So i can add colors and stuff like that? [​IMG]
  4. Mas


    Colour codes should work in the soigot.yml file if I remember correctly.
  5. If not just use the paragraph character
  6. In your Spigot config unknown-command.
    If you want to use colors use this example:
    Code (Text):
    unknown-command: '&9GD &7// Command not found....'
  7. Yes, you can

    Code (Java):
    SpigotConfig.unknownCommandMessage = ChatColor.RED + "Whatever";
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  8. Mas


    Since when was that class added, and why have I never been told about it :eek:
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