Command on BC - Console from Plugin

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  1. Hello

    my english is not so good, but i need help:
    i will write an bungeecord plugin for bungeecord server (bungeecord.jar) for commands on the bungeecord console.

    i have an bungeecord server : verwaltung
    i have an spigot server: lobby

    i join on lobby and use an command /setbp <name> <group>

    now the plugin on verwaltung see this command and use an own command
    /bungeeperms <user> setgroup <group>
    on the console from verwaltung

    why will i use this?
    i will use bungeeperms and i will automatily change groups...
    an plugin on lobby read the online time from player and when a time is over than upgrade the player-rank.
    the problem:
    when i use the /bungeeperms command on the lobby - console (plugin write on this) is dosn't work, because the verwaltungs-console do not comunicate with the lobby console

    i need a same command
    getServer().dispatchCommand(getServer().getConsoleSender(), commando);
    for bungeecord.

    pls help.

    mfg kaladial