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  1. JanTuck


    I assume you are a noob at java please post whole class.

    Set the player outside the loop, check for args before using them. Getters should be gotton outside loop so no unnecesary calls are made... etc...

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  2. JanTuck


    Why are you checking if the players name is equal to the commad.label?

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  3. Can you correct the code?
  4. JanTuck


    Yes, but will i? No im sry. Im here to help you but not spoonfeed you.
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  5. Then tell me what to fix...
  6. JanTuck


    Im currently on my way to bed but ill help you tomorrow if you havent gotten any help by then.

    Wanna answer my question? Why do you try to see if the players name is the same as the command?
  7. Not sure lol. I was trying everything i could think of trying.