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    Command Timer - Schedule commands like you want

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  2. No problem
  3. Do I use a / for a command or not?
  4. Sorry for the long delay ;) But no you don't have to, just the command like you would put it in the console.
  5. has que se pueda ejecutar un comando no solo en segundos si no que también horas o minutos hosea ejemplo 20s 20m 20h
  6. ha una cosa creo que es un bug que que no funcionan algunos comandos como el tp ejemplo /tp @e[type=ArmorStand] ChimueloGamer no funsiona
  7. You always need to put the time in seconds. If you want to convert it, you can use this website :

    The commands need to be executable in the console, if the command is not compatible with spigot it won't work.
  8. Sorry i didnt quite get how to run the task.i put 5 tasks in the config then reload the plugin. Then i need to do nothing it will run all the tasks? What about server restart? Will it recount the intervent again or it will countiune the counting the left over seconds before restart? Is there command i need to type if i want to run all five tasks now?
  9. They will all execute after a certain time. For the restart, they will reset.
    I can add a command if you want to run all the commands at once.
  10. Thanks for your reply, i just want to make sure when i restart server the plugin will also reload all 5 tasks. I only need them run once after each restart so i put onload: false then it is ok correct? And if i run /commandtimer reload it will rerun all 5 tasks?
  11. If you want to just load a command on plugin load you need to enable onload.
  12. i might have confused with onload: true meaning if the task has already been ran it won't run again.

    from what you said it seems it means enable it will only run one command (task)
  13. For example if you add a command /time set day and do onload: true, the command will only run once on server load, once executed the command won't be executed again.
    Hope it is clear.
  14. Yes, i understand clearly, but the problem i encounter is when i have more than one task, in my case five, if they are all set onload:true, only the earliest one is loaded once on server load. rest of the commands are not loaded
  15. Ow that's a bug then. Ill fix that.

    EDIT : Problem fixed, hope that it is fixed now ;)
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