Spigot Command Timer 6.0.3

Schedule commands like you want

  1. Nope, server restarts are not yet supported
  2. is it workable in 1.16.1?
  3. It should yes.
  4. then its better to show that in top page.
  5. I will once I've tested it myself.
  6. what are you waiting for?
  7. Time :D This is not my fulltime job so I don't have much time to work on side projects. Especially not with COVID-19, there is a lot of other stuff that came on my todo list.
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  8. Is there a way to run a command such as "mvtp %player% world 3h" ? I want setup a system where after 3 hours the player gets teleported to another mv world. Thanks
  9. Yes you can, you can use placeholders if you have PlaceholderAPI installed. You can also set the gender to console and add perUser: true to your task.
  10. Thanks, I think I've got the task done right:

    - mvtp %player% world
    seconds: 10800
    gender: console
    perUser: true

    I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out the conditons for it to activate, I want the task to start when the player in question dies, is there a "start" command or a condition trigger?
  11. No the plugin cannot do that, you can specify minPlayers and maxPlayers but that's it
  12. Ah, It won't work for me then, is there a way to set something like this up? I'm trying to get dead players sent to a limbo world for a few hours before being able to return, cheers
  13. I think there are some plugins like that. I've seen it on some servers when you are banned, PM me if you need a custom solution
  14. naa


    Those this work with 1.16. I have been looking for a plugin and this is exactly what I need
  15. When I run a command at a certain time and the time comes the following error happens ...
    Do you know why this happens?

    [02:01:00 WARN]: Excepción en el subproceso "Timer-14" java.lang.IllegalStateException: ExpansionRegisterEvent solo puede activarse sincrónicamente.
    [02:01:00 WARN]: en org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent (SimplePluginManager.java:595)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: at me.clip.placeholderapi.PlaceholderAPI.registerExpansion (PlaceholderAPI.java:460)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: at me.clip.placeholderapi.expansion.PlaceholderExpansion.register (PlaceholderExpansion.java:122)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: en me.playbosswar.com.hooks.PAPIHook.parsePAPI (PAPIHook.java:14)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: en me.playbosswar.com.Tools.executeCommand (Tools.java:246)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: at me.playbosswar.com.Tools $ 2.run (Tools.java:197)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: en java.util.TimerThread.mainLoop (fuente desconocida)
    [02:01:00 WARN]: en java.util.TimerThread.run (fuente desconocida)
  16. The plugin does not support PaperSpigot in the latest version. Please downgrade to v4.2 for it to work
  17. Hello,
    wondering, if the execute after a time isn't from load, and can be from an execution itself?

    for instance:

    Player hits button,
    command runs that in an hour they'll warp somewhere.

    or possible in an area?
    Player hits button,
    People around the player at the time will execute a command in an hour.
  18. This behaviour is not possible right now. If you want something like that you can PM me with a full detail of what you want.
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  19. Excellent plugin!Can you add a variable?This variable can be named as 'selection'
    For example,I want to select one player of the nearest distance in world x:100,z:100
    Code (Text):
    The sort can be nearest,farthest or random
    And It may select the player who have specified tag
  20. Thanks!

    So you mean that if the gender is set to player, it will only be executed for max 1 player that is near x 100 z 100? did I understand that well?
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