Spigot CommandBlocker 4.0.1

Block Commands! World specific, command-specific permissions, per world blocks, and also from ops!

  1. MrEminent42 submitted a new resource:

    CommandBlocker - Block /minecraft: and /bukkit: commands!

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  2. Nice little Plugin
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    Custom blocked commands!

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    MAJOR UPDATE - v3.0

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  5. Nice plugin, works good!
  6. Thanks :) Would you mind giving me a quick review in the reviews section?
  7. Multiple arguments are a bit shaky.

    Also, you might add support for command blocks, as i don't know how to do this,
    since the PlayerCommandPreProcessor event is for Players (sorry if i spelled that wrong)
  8. What do you mean, multiple arguments?

    And I'll look into the command block thing, not sure if it's possible, because command blocks are supposed to override everything.
  9. @MrEminent42 Is there a way I can put {name} or {player} or something after a command? So that it will block any names there?
  10. Sorry, I don't fully understand. Could you explain some more?
  11. Like if this command is being run in the console /you are cool {player} and for the console to issue that command a player has to issue a different one. What I am wondering is if I can add {player} or {username} or something that will block the /you are cool {player} command.
  12. Unfortunately this plugin can only block commands based on the command label (/whatsHere notHere).
  13. Can someone give me an example of the world-specific property?

    This is what I have and it doesn't seem to work:

    - world
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end