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  1. Is there any way I can convert all Commandbook data to Essentials? I was able to convert PEx to bPermissions and I want to switch to Essentials. And yes I know Commandbook is better, I just need some more commands! I also am getting Towny because it seems a better anti-grief than Blockprotection reloaded which I have now. Is there also another plugin like blockprotection that I can import my data too instead of getting Towny? I'm nervous about Towny because it takes a lot of configuration and Towny Chat conflicts with the bPermissions chat manager. What should I do with that and is there a way to convert commandbook to essentials?

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    False my good sir.

    Hmm... for protection I'd recommend ProtectionStones... it's extremely easy to use and doesn't conflict with your other stuff, plus it works right with WorldGuard. Only install Towny if like every person on the server has made a town and you want land protection to be a nightmare and Towny Chat to cause a ton of problems.
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  3. Thanks... I only said it was better because I know people will reply with "why the hell would you switch from commandbook to essentials?!!"
  4. You do not have to use towny chat.
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    That's true, Towny chat is optional. But if you want those cool prefixes and rank names and stuff you'll want to include it in.
  6. I could use bChatmanager
  7. bm11111 - I use bChatManager, Essentials, and PreciousStones. Works quite well. It's so ridiculously customizeable and works well with the no nonsense SimpleClans.