Spigot CommandButtons ~ Execute Commands on Button Presses 4.2.1

Supports buttons, plates, and signs! Includes GUI customization, costs, permissions, + more!

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  2. Hi. I have a problem. I can't change plugin prefix in language.yml. I change prefix, but it is don't work. Fix it please)
  3. Make sure you are restarting your server after changing the prefix. As well, double-check you are not editing the comments section. The real prefix value is at line 52.
  4. I did not check after restarting the server, but when I rebooted the plugin, the messages changed, but the prefix did not upload_2019-7-16_18-3-37.png
  5. I will look into the issue again. Thanks for notifying me.
  6. after restarting the server it worked)
  7. Hi, @Demeng7215 .
    I have a trouble. When i set the permission needed to use the button, it doesn't work. The permission was added correctly to the respective group, but nothing.

    Thanks you
  8. This should be fixed in the latest update, but I’ll look into it.
  9. Which specific Economy plugin should I use?
  10. How do I execute "/server foo" (bungeecord command) with a CommandButton?
  11. EssentialsX is recommended.

    Create it as a “player” command.
  12. Nope, doesn't work. For vanilla Minecraft commands, it works (e. g. /time set day), but for Bungeecord commands, I get "Unknown command."
  13. Must be the way I am handling command executions then. Thanks for telling me about this, if you REALLY need this right away, you can get a Spigot (not Bungee) plugin that does the same function as /server and add that to your button.
  14. Where's the open source repository? Maybe I can create a pull request.