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Command alias handler for BungeeCord

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    CommandControl (version 1.0) - Command alias handler for BungeeCord

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  2. Won't this allow hackers/griefers to trick server owners of cracked
    servers to join the bungee then add /op <someone> to simple commands like
    /spawn ?
    Like if a cracked server only had an IP Hacker would make it --> chickencraft.tk
    Griefer: "Hey &("("/& please test the domain i made for your server, it's 10x faster than your old IP!
    restricted: false
    Admin: "Oh yeah it really is!" *hm im going to go to spawn :)* >/spawn > oped player(gamemode, itemgive, rankgive, stop,
    everything maliscious).
    You see what i did here?
    I think its fine as long as it is an BUKKIT plugin
    so it can't make any damage to OTHER servers.
    It would also be fine if it could only call Bungee Commands
    like the other bungee commands plugin did.
    Well thats just how i'm thinking about this topic.
    Regards for reading this,
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  3. S1lver this is true. Scams like this have been around for years though and most server owners/ ops know never to join an advertised ip with an op'ed account.

    If it becomes an issue I can easily remove the plugin
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  4. You do have a point, but modifying this plugin will not prevent that from happening. Any sufficiently motivated person with some understanding of Java could reproduce the scenario you posted without this plugin.

    Of course, it would only affect people with cracked servers (I don't believe you could convince even a dim server owner to swap to offline mode), so I wouldn't say it was a major problem.

    Also this:
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  5. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    This is why I disable OP on my server via WorldGuard settings.
  6. Smart people will just promote themselves using whatever permission manager you have. If you have pex, they can just give themselves "*". It's even more effective.
  7. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Only via console, although more of an inconvenience, I'd rather an extra 2 seconds time spent than give hackers what they'd want :)
  8. You should add support for variables, that would be awesome. So that I can do /message $name = /msg $name

    and /pex user $user group set $group = /groupset $name $group.

    also support for multiple commands to run would be cool. Something like

    /quit = /spawn, /leave.

    So running /quit would run /spawn then /leave...

    This would make this plugin so much more awesome.

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  9. Would it be possible to add a delay option to commands. e.g. When a player types a command e.g. /hub to go back to the hub, it has a similar effect to the essentials delay where you can not move or anything or the command cancels. Thanks.
  10. it is usefull for disabling commands like /plugins like this
    Code (Text):
      plugins: /h
    and now I make it so when they type /plugins it changes their game mode to adventure xD
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    CommandControl 1.1

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  12. Can you add the ability to disable the commands on certain servers? Thanks! bloodsplat

    Edit: I can't seem to get this to work. I have tried the default config ect, but running the commands don't even seem to be processed, it just acts like it normally does. No errors or anything. Using bungee 764 & spigot 1178
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  13. Can you add the ability to use the player name in a command? Something like {commandsender}?

    Also could you add the ability to set permissions per command?

    - Thanks
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  14. Have this plugin a reply to player message?
    I want to do info for player.
    eg.: player type /SurvivalGames and I want to send him a info, that SurvivalGames don`t work /msg {player} SurvivalGames doesnt work!
  15. When I do /hub it doesnt work. Server set correctly:
    Code (Text):
    hub: server lobby
    in config under bungee.
    No errors in bungeecord
    please help
  16. Hallo I want to do a custom warp command and the command is
    gwarp {arg} {args}: server {arg}&&warp {args}
    but this command is a bungee and a bukkit command so I don't know how I gonna do this, can someone give me help? :)
  17. besides none existent commands eg /shop = guishop:shop (main/ shop command doesn't work with it) nothing else works I want to use this for making /rl and /reload restart the server but them commands no work.