Bungee - Proxy CommandFo - Simple Command Messages! 1.4

Simply add custom commanded info commands universal to all your servers with CommandFo!

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    CommandFo - Simple Command Messages! (version 1.0) - Simply add custom commanded info commands universal to all your servers with CommandFo!

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  2. Nice one. I like the fact that you can have the same info on all servers. Very nice!
    Would it be possible to get support for subsections?

    For example;
    /info #Staff
    /info #Mods
    /info #OPs

    Could all show different things, from the same textfile? Like I think it's essentials does it?
  3. I could look into something of the sort, on my lesser of priorities right now though. xD
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  4. Yeah, no hurry.
    Maybe a boring rainy day :)
  5. For this, and in general any other Bungee plugin... does Bungee need to be restarted to apply the plugin and activate it? /greload doesn't seem to do it.

    Also, I'm not getting color... I'm getting ?fVisit our site to.....

    But my code is:

    Code (Text):
    &f Visit our site to buy additional kits
    &4      www.xxxxyyyyyyzzzzz.com
    Still new and learning, but most things I've tried work so far :)
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  6. I might need to do a quick update one an issue with colors. As for the reload command, use /cmdfreload!
  7. Put the update in place...thanks for the quick response.

    I did a /greload and a /cmdfreload ... got success notices on both... Changes don't take effect until Bungee restart it seems, so I'll restart the proxy tonight and report back on success or failure :)
  8. Does it create tall the files?
  9. Yes... I just added a few more commands...It created the files. No color yet...but I'm thinking I have to restart the entire Bungee proxy for it to "kick in". We really need a Bungee plugin reloader like Bukkit has. Though not perfect, it works 90%+ of the time for me.
  10. Ahhhh ok. You haven't updated yet. Didn't read that correct. xD And md_5 has the API and everything in there ready to go, its just with that update it breaks most plugins. Soon.
  11. Updated... I don't get the ?1www.blahblah.com anymore...

    I see the entire color code, as I expect it... &1www.blahblah.com

    But it's not in color :)

    Maybe there's a dependency that I'm missing? Something with the local Bukkit server? I have essentials, and several others... Colored signs work, but I'm unable to see this /website or /donate in color... Any further suggestions? I can paste in my code if you'd like to see it.
  12. I am baffled at this. Next method. xD

    Updated. Hoping this fixes. >.<
  13. I'm here to report that 1.3 is....


    Thanks for that! I was using it just with White...but the colors are SOOOO much better.
  14. This would kind of be like ... EasyRules - the Bukkit plugin?
    I use it, cuz I can have a /rules 2, /rules 3, etc... and i have a ton of info in there that players ask about regularly. So I just tell them to reference /rules and be done with it... It's all categorized, etc. It'd be nice to have something "bungee-wide", but for me I just copied my EasyRules folder to each of my servers and tweaked a few things that were specific to the server... Working good. As I use more Bungee things though, I like the idea of network-wide administration instead of individual server adminning. So yeah...the more that could be put into Bungee and plugins...the better.
  15. Oh goodness. For once, something of it works. xD

    As for the argumented commands, I will look into those at a later time. :3
  16. Possible to support command to command.
    /serveur +args (in french) redirect to /server +args