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Run commands when interacting with an NPC

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    CommandNPCs - Run commands when interacting with an NPC

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  2. i cant see the "PLAYER" NPC? :(
  3. Did you try to create one with your own name? That sometimes causes issues.
  4. I do: /cmdnpc create TomCoolHD PLAYER say test And Than the normaly create Message.... But i dont see the NPC....
  5. As I said in the last message, creating a NPC with your own name while you're also playing with that account causes issues.
  6. oh, ok, thx..... (sry, i didnt see
  7. Keep Doing Plugins :D
  8. I will!
  9. I Want To Tell you Something about "Event"

    i mean you do api and My Plugin Do PlayerJoinEvent and if someone join the game spawn npc with command
    i Hope you understand :)
  10. This plugin is already a implementation of the NPCLib API, so just take a look at the source code of this plugin and it should be pretty easy to implement it in your own plugin ;)
  11. Ok Thx #Best_Developer!
  12. like citiziens
  13. *But much better! :3
  14. Thanks :)
  15. Okay it works now xD you should probably include that it also depends on packetlistenerAPI
  16. Well, it's included in the NPCLib description :p
    I guess I could add it here anyways though.