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  1. Hello I want to use my /sc || /staffchat plugin on my server but another plugin I use has a built in /sc & /staffchat and I cant disable it in the config. I tried to do it in commands.yml but It makes it so it requires an argument to do the command. My command is you do /sc (no args) to enable it or you can do /sc (args) and it will not enable ur staffchat but put your text in the staffchat.

    Code (Text):

      - mythiccore:staffchat $$1-
      - mythiccore:staffchat $$1-
    Sorry if this is wrong section.!
  2. Use:
  3. But that is not the sense beyond a command.

    Try to lookup the plugin.yml of this plugin for aliases.

    If this isn't an alias there is another way which would be: Let your plugin depend the other plugin, so your command is registered later and therefore overwritten.
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