Resource CommandsAPI - Create Commands Easily With Annotations and Without plugin.yml

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  1. Hello everybody! Soooo... I've been working on this API a while, I think now is a good time to publish it! :)
    The API, allows you to easily register commands, without plugin.yml, using only annotations!

    Please show your support! :)
    Download + more details
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  2. Thanks! if you can star me on github that would be awesome!
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    This looks really nifty and a lot less confusion than others like Aikor(sp) one. More human-readable. Is this using regex though for arguments or is the asterisk a placeholder? If it is using regexp, I suggest also adding a method splitting by spaces using placeholders for speed. Regex is inherently slow, and while it may not add much time to any simple task, it is nice to think of speed.
  4. the asterisk is indeed a placeholder. =)
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    Yaay! So glad it's not a pattern. While a pattern could actually be useful for extreme commands (may think about that) for simple stuff it's just unneeded computation.
  6. Yeah, anyway there isn't something you can't do with this API that you can't with the normal way, this is just a handy shortcut :p
    If you can star my github repo, that would be awesome! ;)
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    Already have. Though it's clear you can't just feed a pattern into your annotations and cannot do what I am talking about using your API without using the original API rendering yours useless in that case and might as well use Bukkit.....

    I'm talking about a flag setting the arguments to a pattern, and providing the matches.
  8. This sure looks interesting!

    Let me know when this gets released, would love to use it especially if we can define a config string for the commands :p
  9. First of all, it would take make 5 minutes to implements regex, from the simple reason that I already have and remove it ( didn't think anyone would miss that lol ),
    and second, There isn't anything you can't do with the API that you can do in Bukkit way, if you don't write any wildcard, you would get all of the arguments, plus saving you time checking the name, player, permission, handling errors, and a hell of a lot more shit.
  10. It is released o_O
  11. oh LOL
    Sorry I only saw the image and text above haha.

    I'll be looking into possibly using this across my plugins :eek:

    Can we use a config string for the commands?
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    I don't think you are understanding. Shouldn't have removed it if you did indeed have it, as complex plugins with dynamic commands for APIs use regex. And thus if you are going to be doing it that way you might as well not use your API, as all it literally doing is handling the 20 seconds (talking about five minutes ?) of adding a command to plugin.yml and your plugin....

    And again your API can't handle a regular expression, thus your API can't do what the original does, as it wouldn't be your API doing it. Lol Thus the whole might as well not use it thing.
  13. No but I can add that ( didn't think anyone would want that lol )
  14. Dude, chill, I'll re add regex o_O
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    Dude, you were the one rudely excusing someone liking your API...
  16. I mean others may like it lol, a way to define the main command easily, or maybe aliases
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    It's weird you tell people telling you what they want that people don't want that.
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  18. I think you should add back the player = true thingy, since my commands aren't meant to be used with a command block