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  1. Hey guys, I am working on a Bungee setup for our servers that share the same box, and I am noticing an interesting event. When I refresh my list of servers, I have three node servers plus the hub server listed, it chooses one at random (presumably the one if pings first) and then gives communication errors for the rest.

    The only thing I could think of that would cause this is the connection-throttle setting in the servers, but it is already set to -1 on all of them.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated! :)
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    This is intended behavior to stop you spamming. In this case you have three connections from your IP in less than the time it takes to process them all.

  3. Is there any mitigation for this issue then? I was under the impression that the connection-throttle was what limited the connections from each IP.
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    Yes, and in this case it is limiting your pings. The work around is to disable it.

  5. Is setting it to -1 disabling it? If so, it is definitely disabled on all of the servers.
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    On Bungee...