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  1. Hello!

    I've recently completed a long skyblock server project on my locally hosted server. Although, now that the server is complete, I have purchased a website and server hosting (moved server files already and website is complete).

    I'm in need of a system administrator and/or server manager who would work for free. Although, if your work is rather helpful, you will get a paid a portion of profits (after host has been purchased + advertisements). Your job would be to run the server in general, keep up with the revamps, hire/fire staff members, run the website, and handle in-game issues as they arise. You're second-in-charge and have responsibilities of keeping the server up and running.

    If you're interested, private message message me for my Skype. (this is probably the wrong place for this thread).
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  2. Nah, got enough on my own hands

    You are much more professional then the average user asking for someone to something for them. Good job!
  3. haha thanks for the reply. I've resigned my position from numerous servers to run my own.
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