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  1. The server I'm developing for runs Kingdoms, but there's a certain divide in the community that makes the server itself kind of bland in some ways.

    Just some background on Kingdoms, it's like factions, but it provides a LOT of boosts that give a lot of advantages, like land protection, safety in numbers, attack and defense boosts, resources on a timely basis etc

    A lot of the server doesn't speak english. When I say a lot, I mean like maybe 40%-60% of the players don't speak english. The other larger languages are Arabic languages, and the occasional German. I suspect that the language barrier is barring some players from being able to understand the Kingdoms plugin, because a lot of the players that have no Kingdom are from this group of people.

    There's also a lot of immaturity. So things like people stealing stuff from other people accidentally throwing items, then refusing to return them, and also a certain stubborn and limited way of thinking (Like people playing Kingdoms like Factions, which makes them very easy to attack and get conquered, and also very slow growth in strength, or just simply 24/7 camping in Pvp with stone rubbish). This also gives way to a ton of childish behaviour like abusing glitches and bugs without reporting.

    There's also a lack of conflict between larger kingdoms. So basically once people reach a certain stage, they just don't have any opponents, and they just turn to weak kingdoms. The strong ones don't actually fight, even though it is very possible to topple each other at their level. I suspect its because the stronger kingdoms are the ones with smarter members that interact and make friends with each other, so they all just end up becoming allies.

    Lastly, there's a very clear line between strong and weak players. The strong players are basically gods compared to the rest. Strong players have diamond, enchanted armor, and very strong bases, while weak players have maybe unenchanted iron armor, or no armor at all, and are mostly kingdomless, or even have no base. When a strong kingdom attacks a weak one, there isn't even a single doubt about what's the outcome

    Is there any way to try and balance things out? I've already tried the following:
    • Reset and make Kingdom growth slower (Up to 3 weeks or so, if player constantly grinds) , so players can't grow to max in a day
    • Beginner kingdoms have 7 day shields
    • Spread information on how to make good defenses
    • Close off PVP area for 1 week after the reset to make players go out and make a kingdom or join one
    I do plan to:
    • Make invading weaker kingdoms cost way more
    So far, I've been unable to really make a good translation, because we can't communicate with the people that don't speak english.
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    From what I can tell, Kingdoms is a touchy server concept. It's great in the fact that it takes skill and time to conquer your enemies, unlike Factions. Players are probably playing PvP and a "factions game-style" is because that's what they are more than likely used to.

    I haven't played too much in the Kingdoms aspect, tho I did start a server that was based around Kingdoms. Is your server supposed to be based on the English language? If so, it's really strange that the majority of your player-base isn't English speaking.

    If I may, what's your server IP? I'd love to check it out and perhaps get a feel for what you're offering.
    Though there was a fresh reset today. You may not be able to see much
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    I think I have some tips that could help you out here.

    1. The Language Barrier - Communication in languages other than English in a community like your's is difficult. You state that you most see Arabic and German speaking players. To supplement this I would 1) hire staff who speak English and Arabic/German. This will help close the division and non-English speaking players will have someone to go to and 2) I would create a Arabic translation of all your plugins and if you really a German translation as well. This would help non-English speaking players understand how your server works. I know the issue. I work in a community where Portuguese is the number one non-English language. We have a whole forum dedicated to Portuguese/Brazilian players to supplement this as well as we have a good number of Portuguese speaking staff members.
    2. Clear Rules and Enforcing Them - Make sure your rules are loud in clear and in languages other than English so everyone in your community can understand them and follow them. Along with this make sure your staff team is enforcing them correctly and always enforcing them. If the rules aren't like this then players will do whatever. This goes along with your staff team too.
    3. Strong Players vs. Weak Players - You'll see this division in a lot of pvp communities. Your main goal should be to find a balance, but continue to encourage competition in your community. Otherwise, weaker will avoid strong, strong won't fight and things will quickly die. You have to balance the game and you also have to promote and create competition. Maybe even creating events and stuff like that could help with the issue at hand here.
    Overall I feel these could be some great starting points for building your community.
  5. German is kind of occasional, and the server is mainly english, but occassionally, on some random day, there'd be way more players that only speak arabic languages than players that speak english, and on some days, you'd see that everybody doesn't speak english at all. So far, we've been unable to find anyone that can speak the arabic languages (more than one, actually), and also english fluently.

    For the strong and weak player division, events were kind of planned, but what kind of events are we looking at?
  6. The server needs a translation plugin. They are big enough to afford an developer.
  7. Translation plugins aren't available on the plugin list?
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    I'd look into hiring a developer, or make it yourself.
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    I would make a post here on the Spigot forums for any English-Arabic speaking users who can help translate your plugin's language files. Along with that, I would look into hiring a developer or potentially developing a translation plugin like @GaIaxy mentioned above.

    Now for events that would take some thinking. I haven't played Kingdoms in a very long time, so I can't really say too much on it. Maybe doing events like supply drops with huge pvp fights, KoTHs, etc. I don't have too many in mind for a gamemode like this, but I'm sure with some thinking and community input you should be able to create something neat. Also, does your server have a website with forums?
  10. Yes it does, but only the english users use it, despite it having multiple language support
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    Okay. If a lot more non-English speaking users start to use your forums then you may want to consider making a section of the forums dedicated to them. For example, on the server I currently work with, Minecraft Central, we have a large Portuguese/Brazilian community like I stated above. We have a forum dedicated to them and in that section, we have the rules thread and a lot of other important threads translated with the help of our Portuguese speaking staff members. I suggest looking into something like that in the future.
  12. But there's way more than 1 language, do we make a section for each?
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    I'd say pick the top 3 or 5 languages. You'd only need to translate the important documents on the website. Inside the rules node, just make something like:

    [English] Server Rules
    [French] Server Rules
    [Arabic] Server Rules
    [German] Server Rules
    etc. etc. etc

    If you wanted to translate an entire forum, then I'd suggest getting different domains for each language. - English website - French website
    mainwebsite .de - German website
    etc. etc. etc.
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    Both options work. But I would start off with the most popular non-English language and start translating from there. I know on the forums for Minecraft Central we have a lot of important documentation translated to Portuguese as I stated above, but we even have the server rules translated to Spanish. That's why I say start with the most popular language. But since there are times of the day where there may be little to no English-speaking people then I would translate all your server's important documentation into Arabic and German.