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  2. As stated in my review, this plugin is fantastic so far. As of now, the only issue I can see is when a company hires an employee, that employee is not given an option to join/not join that company. I think the user that is being hired should be able to do /coaccept or /codeny to accept being hired to a company. I have a couple other suggestions, but I will post those when I next get the chance. I will also let you know if I find any bugs. All in all, I love this plugin. Thank you so much for making it.
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  3. That's great thanks yes I'm experimenting at the moment how to sort that very issue :) will be in the next version
  4. Just installed this, seems like a great plugin. Unfortunately, we've had to disable it as our players found an exploit to obtain free money.

    Code (Text):
    /company pay company OutcastCo. -10000000
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  5. Thanks confuser I'll get that solved ASAP

    Always someone who manages to mess stuff up XD
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  6. I think a good addition to this plugin would be to have stocks for each company. Players can buy and sell stock in companies and the stock price per share would rise and fall based on how well the company is doing. You could determine how well a company is doing by the number of shares of stocks that are currently owned, how many employees they have, employee sallaries, how much money is in the company bank, etc. Could even consider adding configurable random events that occur to the company that causes the stock prices to go up and down. Maybe allow the company CEO to specify if only employees or if all players can buy stocks in the company. When stock is bought the money comes from the players balance and goes into the company bank and when the stock is sold the money comes out of the company bank and back into the players balance. There is a lot more details to work out and this is a big addition but it is an idea if you have the time. Thanks for listening and for the great plugin.
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  7. Wow nice quite a big update but great ideas :)
  8. I was wanting this same thing! This would be awesome to add.
  9. ha ha cool ill try and get my head around how to do this XD
  10. Thats cool. I am willing to help in anyway I can. I can try to come up with a formula for calculating the stock price based on company stats or anything else you need. There are some Stock Market plugins around that might give you some ideas too. Thanks for looking into this.
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  11. I'd be more than willing to assist in any way possible as well!
  12. In the latest update when someone tries to employ someone it just says [company] null <player-name>
  13. Hey you need to recreate the language file
  14. Hi there!
    My issue stems from the problem of it not recognizing players as apart of a company upon server restart. After logging in, they are unable to do /company info as it returns to them that they are unemployed, and any command related to managing it throws them "unemployed" messages.
    Let me know if you have a possible fix on this one, and if you need to shoot me over a PM and I'll add you on skype!
    Thank you and best regards,
    - xrk
  15. Hey
    Sounds like it's not saving on server shutdown

    Is the server shutting down properly also are you using spigot ? Not Bukkit

    Is it saving players and companies into yml files on server shutdown ?

    There should be an auto save feature every so many paydays is that saving data into yml?
  16. The Company data does indeed save, I can confirm this. I get problems on the reboot of the server and when the payday is triggered for a company - if the player (owner of company) is offline during that payment check it will throw a weird console exception and upon logging in it has kicked the player from their company. I have tried toggling the offline payment, but have found no luck.
    - Garrett
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  17. Thank garret I'll check this out what version of spigot are you using ?
    We tend to run with offline payment off and no issues but I'll run tests with offline payment

    Do you have the console error