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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate it
  2. @Hmmcrunchy Can you make it so employees can Clock-In and Clock-Out and have it so that the plugin counts how many hours per day and per week they are clocked in.
    If a company only wants to pay a person for so many hours a day, then this is needed, otherwise a company could be spending more money then intended on a worker that isn't always doing their job because it's not required of them.

    So /company clockin and /company clockout
    Owner, Manager, and Financer get /company check <employee> - It gives them the amount of hours they worked that day, and that week. Plus includes a total amount of money they paid them over the day and week.
  3. good idea
  4. When a non employee tries to buy something it doesn't work. Doesn't give an error message and it just takes things from chests freely. Please fix this. No money is being paid for them.
  5. Hey could I grab versions of spigot and companies

    No error in console ?

    Are you using proper spigot not paper
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  6. I am using Spigot 1.14 and 1.3.1 of Companies.

    and the console shows no errors

    and Yes I am using regular Spigot.
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  7. Thank you for considering my idea. I'd like to add onto it a tiny bit more. Give Owners / Managers / Accountants(maybe) the option when they are hiring an employee /company hire <player> <wage> <max working time/irl day> ---- the max working time can be in minutes (m) hours (h)

    So lets say you budget each employee to work 2 irl hours per irl day, and they are paid every 30 minutes. They can only get a maximum of 4 paychecks per day.

    I suggest this because I am doing a 1.12.2 roleplay server and players can own their own companies. So, having a max working hour limit per irl day would be nice so you don't spend more money on employee pay than wanted. Plus clock-in / clock-out times so you know when they are working and how much of that day they worked. That way if they work an hour for your company but played 2 hours on the server. They just got an extra cheque or more, depending on settings.
  8. that's ok, good ideas, just to warn this is quite a big old change and im rushed off my feet at work at the moment so ill try and get this done but may not be a quick addition
  9. Thank you, completely understandable with work and all. Whenever you can add those features, would be nice. It would be a great benefit to my RP server because right now; company owners will have to trust employees or pay them without the company or something because if someone only puts an hour of work into the company and then does their own thing for another hour or two. Company owner wont be happy to pay someone 2 extra hours of work.
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