Spigot Companies 1.3.1

Trade together

  1. Looks very interesting. I see in the ingame commands, things like /company set hq, and tpcost ect, but cant figure a command to actually tp to a company?

    Also, if this is indeed how it is intended, would be useful if the players didnt have to manually enter the co-ords. So just /company set hq, and that will set hq at the players location.
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  2. Hey yes I'm still experimenting with those details l, I think you are right entering just set hq here which grabs player coords is a better idea
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  4. I love this Plugin, thank you so much
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  5. No worries glad you like it :)
  6. Would you please publish the code on GitHub so it can be forked and modified? Not necessarily by me but by anyone?
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  7. Not used GitHub, not really got time to mess about with it I'm afraid
  8. It takes 3 seconds and would allow other developers to contribute.
  9. I'm sure I'll get round to it at some point
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  11. Great plugin!
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  12. Thanks vhbob glad you like it
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  13. you should make this premium
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  14. Thanks I may :) I do prefer giving stuff away for people to use, but relying on donations has brought in a whole £5 XD
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  15. How do I remove shop signs for the company that I own? I cant break them.
    NVM: I got it working.
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  16. If you are owner you should be able to
    What was the issue in the end

  17. lol, you are going to think I am stupid. I was in vanish preventing me from interacting with the sign when try trying to break it. lol
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  18. ha ha no worries :) we've all been there

    thanks just curious in case it was me doing something I shouldn't