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  1. Hi thanks for feed back :) I shall fix the first issue

    Offload me players was causing a few issues before the recode But I can see you would really need the sack option even if player is offline so will get that back in action
  2. Hmmcrunchy updated Companies with a new update entry:

    API and offline sacking

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  3. Another small issue is where it says none has dissolved the company or something along those lines instead of the player name / company name.
  4. This might be a known issue but are any players supposed to be able to like add items to the chest?
  5. Any company employee should be able to , players not in the company should only be able to click items to purchase
  6. Any Players are able to add items.
  7. could I get server version and companies version - this is any player can add an item to a company chest.
  8. 1.11.2 and Companys 1.1

    Yes this is any player can add an item to a company chest, They are able to open the chest and add and remove items, They still pay for removal but adding could be an issue for trolley or competitive players who want to mess with people or want to sell the better items...

  9. I'll take a look all although if I were company owner - people giving me free stuff to sell would be a bonus :D
  10. Not if they are filling your chest with dirt and like spidereyes and rotten flesh
  11. Very true I'll have a look when home
  12. When the plugin runs it's automated employment details save this causes the player it is currently saving to time out and subsequently lose connection.

    [21:37:11] [Server thread/INFO]: playername lost connection: Disconnected
    [21:37:11] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving employment details for playername
    [21:37:11] [Server thread/INFO]: playername left the game
    [21:37:12] [Server thread/INFO]: playername2 lost connection: Timed out
    [21:37:12] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving employment details for playername2
    [21:37:12] [Server thread/INFO]: playername2 left the game

    This happens multiple times an hour for all players, but at different times, regardless of what the autosave interval is set to in the configuration file.

    Seems that also when a complete save is run

    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] saving all company and player data......
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving company details for Walmart
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving company list to file
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving sacked offline employee list to file
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving employment details for playername
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving employment details for playername
    [22:06:59] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] saving all company and player complete!

    The players in question are not timed out.

    Also seems to be that sometimes the error is (partially?) handled and rather than Timed Out it reads:

    [18:18:31] [Server thread/INFO]: playername lost connection: Internal Exception: java.io.IOException: Error while read(...): Connection reset by peer
    [18:18:31] [Server thread/INFO]: [Companies] Saving employment details for playername

    (If you've seen this on the bukkit page i stole the issue report of one of my admins)
  13. Hey thanks for report, odd one I've come across anything like this before

    Are you just using normal spigot ? Could I get versions of companies and spigot

    This is literally saving numbers from a map to file for each person online . No way should this disconnect a player
  14. Heya.

    Companies is 1.1 and the Spigot is the latest build. (I should note this error only started happening when i updated the build for spigot a day ago)

    but when the plugin has been disabled we've not had the issue so it is linked
  15. We run the latest spigot version and haven't had issues on either server we run

    I will go through the save procedure and see if I can find anything in there that could cause issues
    But all I really do is get a players name which surely can't kick them
  16. Thanks, I've looked at the save files and config aswell and nothing seems to be out of place so any lead on the issue would be great as our players are loving the plugin and its not the best having had to take it out of action for a while.
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  17. Hi,
    I have a question for all users: does this plugin works with Spigot 1.12?
  18. what texture pack is that on the screenshots?
  19. yep :)