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  1. Hello, I need a company of VPS to install GRE Tunnel with unlimited bandwidth, AntiDDos Game Protection (Can be resellers OVH)

    I want an outside company to OVH and I do not want to buy a machine Game OVH just to put the GRE Tunnel,
    In VPS SSD 2016 of OVH, DDOs Protection is bad, but fall the connection to small DDos attack.

    I need in Canada
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  2. Tux


    Most (if not all) VPSes meeting your description have bandwidth limits.

    Try RamNode?
  3. Yes any legitimate VPS/DDoS mitigation servicing will meter you unless you contract for a commit.
  4. Check out ExtraVM. Their OpenVZ line is hosted on machines at OVH with game Anti-DDoS.
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