Spigot Comparable Hoppers 2 Basic CH2 Basic 2.5.5

Item Routing / Sorting / More, Full Customization.

  1. Rusketh submitted a new resource:

    Comparable Hopper - A Filtered Hopper?

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  2. Permission node so people cant pick up the hopper if they have not got that node.
    Can you change the color of the item so it shines?

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  3. Does these mean that non-stackable items would actually be sortable, also does this ignore damage values or durability?
  4. That would be durability.
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  5. Just tested the following.

    Milk Bucket can be Sorted. So yes Non Stack able items now can be sorted.. :)

    It ignores the Values and Durability yes. this goes on by ID of the item. So even if named different as well it will filter through.

    Hope this helps.

  6. I can't modify the name of the hopper in the config :/ but the lore is changed. impossible ? bug ? my bad ?
    I want to name it "Trieur à items". I have also tested "Trieur a items" and "Comparateur". With, and without quotes :p
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  7. Oops, it was trying to read an array for the name not a string, I believe it works now.

    Thank you for the bug report.
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  8. Ty for testing :) That does help, ill have to try this resource out.
  9. How thanks you for the fix too fast!!!
    Other thing, the craft of the normal hopper seems to bug. The hopper appear and deseapear instantly !
    I think it comes to your plugin :/
    and the classic hopper is necessary on a server, AND for the Comparable-hopper's craft :p

    Can you verif that please ? :)
  10. So does that mean that this hopper type just filters one specific item per hopper?
    I'm confused how this works
  11. No, the comparable hopper can filter all items that you want. Even non stackable items, it ignoring nbt tags and durability. And you can filter between 1 and 5 items per hopper. I tested many possibility :p
  12. Getting the same problem, crafting in in survival or creative mode makes no difference. Hope this gets fixed soon as I would really like to give this resource a try with my players.

    You can see the error in this gif: https://gyazo.com/09bd4f305a2e2ca0ca18d4f2d99fcc28
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  13. Thank you for the bug reports, i shall look into it during the week and post an updated resource soon.
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  14. You could add the possibility to modifiy the craft of the comparable hopper ! :D
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  15. This may be an idea for the future but as it stands I do not think I will be adding support for that.
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  16. Info:
    The plugin works perfect together with FastCraft+ :)

    it would be nice if we could customize the recipe in the config :)
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