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Bug Compartors bug?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by gameacid13, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Idk if everyone else is getting this but I know some people are. Comparators don't seem to update.
    Is this a bug?
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  2. jeff142


    try waiting for some one to see it before bumping
  3. Sway

    Artist Supporter

    Working fine for me. #909
    Looks like you only see that within your creative servers plots.
  4. No it doesnt work in any of my worlds. I just happened to use creative plots for the vid.
  5. Mikgreg


    Works fine for me
  6. did you replicate my example exactly?
  7. jeff142


    just tryed it, even with nodus like the video.

    on spigot 836 no bug seen like your video
  8. well im on 868
  9. still not working on #909...
    what could it be?
  10. YoFuzzy3


    Tried with no plugins to confirm it's a Spigot bug?
  11. Just did. Comparator stayed on after performing /clear @p 1 with and without stone in my inventory.
    (in other words, it bugged from my view point)
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