Compass in nether 1.17.

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  1. I have a player tracker plugin and I need the compass to work in the nether by clicking it and setting it's postition to the tracked player.
  2. Ok.

    Edit: We need more information than that to provide any help or suggestions on how to get you on the right track... We are not mind readers here...
  3. Use a repeating bukkit task which calls player.setCompassTarget(targetPlayer.getLocation()).
    See BukkitRunnable or BukkitScheduler.

    You need to be sure that the target player is also in the nether though.
  4. What information do you need?
  5. Unless I've missed something in my own testing; this will not work. Compasses in the Nether just simply don't work, their target location is randomized ever tick it seems, even running the task every tick the compass still moves around.

    Instead you'll need to give the player a lodestone compass that tracks the player's location, CompassMeta is likely the only option that'll work.
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