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  1. Anyone know of any good Bungeecord Compass plugins that have a customizeable GUI and editible lore/name and all that crap?
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  2. Yes.
    DeluxeMenus supports bungee and a lot of other cool stuff.
    Search it!
  3. Or ServerSelectorX its a pretty good plugin works great.
  4. For my server, I use ChestCommands and CustomJoinItems
  5. With ServerSelectorX you can add how many players are on the server and he is currently adding a status so it will say online, offline, whitelist etc.
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  6. Use Custom Join Items and Chest Commands - here are some good tutorials:

    Chest Commands:

    Custom Join Items:

    You can just make your custom join item run the command to open the chest command gui
  7. Chestcommands with Custom join items. You only need to edit that staff can teleport with clicking the compass.