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  1. Just wondering, does anyone have it? Does it actually work?
  2. Bought it back in June of 2015.

    Personally, it was a stupid decision. I wasted $4000 on a jar that could of done exactly what spigot did if I had just looked closer to my setups. But hey, if you've got money, go wild.
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  3. Ok now I'm really curious.. What the hell is CompilexSpigot and why is it worth $4k? Google didn't really turn anything up.
  4. Compilex is a private high performance Spigot fork developed by @Vaquxine and his team.
    Due to high demand and some community issues, they stopped working with small servers and are now only working with a handful of the largest servers out there, such as Cosmic, Arkham and youtuber servers such as SkyDoesMinecraft's.

    They have been called out for fraud and shady practices multiple times on these forums, so there's a stigma surrounding it.
    A famous example of their fraud is "40 TPS" which just modified the /tps command to return twice the standard value, another one is a so-called "async pvp manager" of sorts which claims to do pvp asynchronously (which is a good concept), but in reality synced everything to the main thread, defeating the entire purpose.

    I've also worked with a big network who paid them $4000 and where then denied any forms of support shortly after being given the jar.
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  5. Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation. I vaguely remember seeing a post on here along the lines of "Arkam 40 TPS? How can I get that?".
    So is there any benefit at all? Obviously, the TPS and PVP scams are irrelevant because they serve no purpose, but is there actually anything good about it?
  6. Compilex does show some result despite the shady practices they follow.
    They provide a service similar to Craftimize: custom server patches tailored for the client's needs.

    Compilex were the first to do this kind of thing, if I remember correctly.
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  7. I just bought the jar..
    This seems to show up in console every few seconds?
    Also, /pl ingame outputs an error in console and doesn't show ingame.
  8. ???
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  9. You didn't link anything in the first post :p

    Maybe there's a config file or something where you can set the verbose mode?
  10. Having a small relation with Compilex by being in nearly the same line of work, I've had many circumstances where I was brought in to optimize servers after Compilex had already completed their work on said servers, on multiple instances such as Lemoncloud struggling with 200 players on skyblock, I had that running smooth on 300, PrimeMC couldn't run 250 players, I had it at 600, along with other clients having this same scenario occur.

    I can't and won't vouch for the performance of "CompilexSpigot", but I'm sure you can infer my stance on it. That's not to say that the other services they offer are terrible, but their optimizations are more geared toward presenting and selling empty labor to clients that have plenty of money to spare or are uneducated in the matter of performance, rather than selling hard numbers and results.

    Don't buy it third-party, it'll either hurt your performance or just do nothing. I'm sure if you're having performance issues you'll know where to look.

    Sounds like some cool guys.
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  11. Contact me via skype (in signature), interested in you doing some work for me.
  12. No one in this thread has claimed that your software does not do anything besides fake the TPS counter. See:
    The "... and does show results as far as I remember." here is referring to your service.

    On another note, it seems OP may have bought your (or a fake) "jar" from an unofficial source, which isn't how your services works from what I remember?
    I'm actually pretty curious, could you confirm if OP bought services directly from Compilex LLC?
  13. That's not how their service works, see snippet from @Vaquxine's post: