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  1. Hello!

    So I am trying to compile one project from GitHub, it is a plugin that is here as well, author added it. I haven't made a server, but I want to be able to check if everything works with plugin, and when I get a little bit more cash, I will consider donating to author, but for now I will simply try to compile myself.

    Basically, plugin is called Koth akka King of the Hill. A lot of people have heared about it, it is a great plugin :)

    So When I imported everything was fine, but I can't launch plugin because it gives me that can't find main class

    in plugin.yml path to main
    main: subside.plugins.koth.KothPlugin
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  2. Yep, just tryed with that, worked :D
  3. It worked to import, no errors, but I am not able to export it, since on there does not show any class to export ( on export popup )

    Edit: So I had to crete new java project and copy paste.
    But now I have problem that it can't find main class. strange...
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