Spigot Complete Softmute (vanilla version) 2.0.1

Extend GriefPrevention's softmute feature to vanilla's /me and /tell commands

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    Complete Softmute (vanilla version) - Extend GriefPrevention's softmute to /me and /tell

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    /ignored messages are softmuted

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  3. SpacePuppeh


    I thought GP has a whisper section where you can add more commands or something along those lines?
  4. Correct, that's what this plugin uses (along with /minecraft:tell) to determine what a whisper command is. (Just noticed the typo, corrected it, thanks.)
  5. SpacePuppeh


    Oh I see, it further extends the "softmute" of GP with more commands that only go back to the muted player... I thought GP with version 13 can now do that, but maybe this has more command options?
  6. No, GP does not emulate chat commands because commands are not handled the same way as chat. With chat messages, you can change who the recipients are, so softmute simply makes the spammer the only recipient. This is easy to do, and is compatible with pretty much all plugins that alter chat (prefixes, colors and all).

    Commands are obviously not handled the same way, so this simply intercepts those commands when used by a softmuted/ignored player and sends them a message - in this case, something similar to sender-side message the vanilla server sends.
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  7. SpacePuppeh


    It would be nice if this were integrated right into GP, maybe in the future you two could work this out lol.
  8. If this was, it would have to be configurable, as most people format stuff with Essentials and other whatnot. Ideally, I would like to see this in GP itself. Also,

    Might have to adjust my plugin if he doesn't add in some sort of custom event or API.
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    2.0: Updated to changes in GriefPrevention 13.1

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  10. So just an fyi all Big_Scary is doing is simply cancelling these messages (and telling the player they're being ignored, if the reason is because they're ignored), whereas mine will deliver a message to the sender, replicating the /softmute behavior in chat messages. I will also add support for hidden players (ignores command if sender cannot see recipient).