1.16.5 Completely unmovable player

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  1. So what I gonna do is to freeze the player until I unfreeze them.
    Basically I want to reproduce this

    My observation is, the player was in spectator mode (00:04 - 00:07)

    then the player turns into adventure mode (or survival but it is not a big deal)
    at the same time, the player is riding an entity (00:07)

    The player can't move at all times, and can't turn his head when in spectator mode

    Force the player to spectate an entity can block his movement, as well as turning his head, but how do I create the entity that the player spectates?
    In the video clip, you can't change spectate target(pressing hotbar in spectator mode), no *VISIBLE* invisible entity even the player is in spectator mode.

    Also, what should I do so that the player can't change spectate target (or completely hide the bar) when he press the hotbar key?

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. Your video is private.
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  3. Opps my bad, it should be fixed now
  4. As you can see in your video, Hypixel makes the player riding something (probably an invisible ArmorStand).
  5. Yep I know that, but you would be able to see invisible entities (including armor stands) in spectator mode, there is no way for me to hide it (Yea I know packet magic, but I wanna keep it to the last)