Complying with Mojang’s EULA: Selling disguises

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  1. Does giving donator ranks, which are purchased with real money, the perks to disguise as mobs comply with the EULA? I frequently see disguises be recommended as a EULA-friendly donator perk since they don’t affect gameplay, but… well, they do.

    Regardless of what mob you disguise as, players won’t be able to tell that you’re a player, which gives you an advantage. It hides your name and the fact that you’re a player in the first place, allowing you to get unfair kills. I suppose that PVP could be disabled for a donator when they are disguised and add a period of PVP being continuing to be disabled a short period after undisguising, but you still have an advantage by fooling players into thinking you’re not there. On top of that, you can disguise as a mob such as a chicken or bat and have a tiny model, making you very difficult to spot.

    What do you think? :coffee::unsure:
  2. Yea, that goes against the eula as it is no longer just a cosmetic perk. As long it gives a player an advantage that other players can't have without spending money, it's against eula.
  3. That makes me wonder how so many servers can have disguises as part of their donator ranks.
  4. I have such feature in my server, what I do is make names visible and allow lower hotbox/no armor disguises only in gamemodes where that is not unfair advantage, such as checkers, player gets temporarily undisguised upon entering a game where their disguise is unfair
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    It is allowed if you show the players username above the disguise. Libs disguises comes with a config option to toggle that.
  6. I didn’t know that was an option. Thanks!

    It does still modify the size of the player’s model, though, so they can still be more difficult to see. Although this is a pretty minor thing when the name is visible, so I suppose it’s not that big of a deal.
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    I believe I may be wrong but there could be an option to disable PvP as well.
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  8. Huh?

    Sadly, there’s not. I did suggest this feature, along with three other features that’d be really useful, in Lib’s Disguises’ thread, though (link to my post).

    There is, though, an option to automatically undisguise players if they attack a player while disguised, which is the next best thing.
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    Haha, I started to reply but then did not delete my draft so I accidently sent that. As for the PvP option I could have sworn it existed, too bad.
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  10. Have you tried using iDisguise? This is the only addon that could find that can do this.
  11. iDisguise is outdated; my server is on 1.15.2. I’m going to stick with Lib’s Disguises. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, though.
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  12. Oh. Well, you never mentioned your server was 1.15.2. There is something else that you can try, which is this.
    If you have worldguard regions setup for PvP, you can define certain commands to execute in those regions like /undisguise
  13. I believe LibsDisguises has an API. You could give players the Glowing effect or something to be seen easier, or simply block certain disguises that would affect PvP.
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  14. Honestly there are servers still breaking the EULA without much enforcement. While I do not condone this practice it's the truth. Some big servers still sell access to flight (Specifically not allowed by Mojang), and other gameplay affecting things.

    If you want to implement disguises, I recommend what other people have suggested, display names above the mobs, and for the pvp mechanic, you could remove disguises for players in a certain radius near this disguised player. (not sure if an existing plugin does this, but if not then it's a good plugin and maybe I'll make it and toss it up for free on here :p)
  15. @darthteddy1 It’s a shame that servers still do this. Hopefully, players are smart enough not to give their money to these servers as they could be taken down at any time by Mojang.

    I do assume that it’s fine to sell flight for the hub only, right? That obviously won’t affect gameplay.

    As for disguises, I suggested an option to disable PvP when disguised as well as for a configurable period after undisguising, and the Lib’s Disguises dev told me that it’s a good idea, so hopefully it’ll be implemented in the near future. I assume it’d be fine to sell disguises that disable PvP as it wouldn’t really give anyone an advantage.
  16. Of course, you could allow almost anything in the hub as long as it doesn't provide a gameplay advantage. Flight isn't used for building or combat in the hub so it's a big tick in the box under EULA rules :)
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  17. Do you all think it’s EULA-compliant to allow donators to disguise without having their player names above them (except in the hub) if PvP is disabled while disguised and for a short period after undisguising?

    In this case, they wouldn’t get an advantage over other players, would they?
  18. People will try find an advantage out of anything you give them - and for this, it's possible to hurt the EULA, but it shouldn't change PvP too badly.
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  19. Depends on the gamemode. In case of PVP, yes. If there's no PVP, is there any advantage?
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  20. Cows are faster than Human Entities.
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