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    I've read that it's an error with chunk sizes being above 2Mb

    However, I have a large world file, and it's not feasible to keep uploading and downloading the world after processing it with MCEdit

    Is there a new way to solve this in 2020? A plugin maybe?
  2. I think that you can disable packet compression, that would fix it.
  3. I set that in the to -1 but it still did it
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    Disabling would make it worse as the compressed packet is clearly already over the protocol maximum so the uncompressed would be way bigger. If this happens with compression turned on then you need to figure out which packet is causing this. Using a server-side packet logger (like in ProtocolLib) or a client mod (I unfortuantely don't know of any that does that. You could try this mod to stay connected for figuring out what exactly might be causing it though)

    Also for editing a single chunk in MCEdit you don't need to download the whole world, the region file the affected chunk is most likely in is all you would need. Use this tool to calculate which mca file that is.
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  5. I thought it would be the decompression size being too big for the algo, not the packet itself, you are absolutely right.
  6. I have protocolLib. What is it ding in your context?

    How do I find which blocks or chunks are bad?