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  1. Hello! I am trying to build a computer. My budget is $650 NZD.

    What It Needs To Do:

    Minecraft: 110 FPS or higher.
    Youtube: Record at 80 or 90 FPS with Minecraft.
    Eclipse: Needs to run with Eclipse.
    Mod Packs For Minecraft: Needs to run big FTB/Tekkit/Technic modpacks with at least 60 FPS while recording.

    The actual monitor has to display at least 100 FPS with no frame tearing.

    Please post your builds on PC Part Picker or tell me what I need and the prices for each part.
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    That is a pretty low budget. You can see the completed builds on PCPartPicker that fall within a total price range for reference:,46469

    Are you including everything into that budget (keyboard, monitor, mouse, etc.) or just the computer?
  3. If you want to just play Minecraft you don't need a high-end computer. If you want a monitor that does 110 frames it'll cost you a ton of money. A better solution would be to get a 120Hz or 144Hz monitor. That would be half of your budget or even more, assuming you don't want a 16" baby.

    A CPU has to be a pretty good one. Going with a second gen i3-2100 ( 70€-130€ ) wouldn't cut it. Also, GPUs cost a lot nowadays, I would personally go with a R7 250x to keep the costs down, it wouldn't go over 80 fps while playing Minecraft while recording, but it will be always 60+ fps. For big modpacks only the CPU and RAM are needed because those things are evil.

    Well, I hope that I gave you some stuff to think about :)
  4. You won't see any improvement from getting higher than 60fps on a standard monitor, you would need to pay a lot more for a 120hz model and as already stated that would eliminate most of your budget. Really you should cap your framerate at 60 or turn on vsync to prevent screen tearing. Videos are usually recorded at 30 and sometimes 60fps, so for ideal recording your game should be locked at a multiple of that. What you're looking to do is mostly cpu bound. A quadcore cpu with strong single thread performance like a haswell i5 would be perfect.
  5. What about if I said I wanted a 8 or 16gb computer with an i5 4 core CPU? And I also need a monitor that will display the higher FPS. Basically, I want lots of RAM, a fast CPU and a monitor that displays the higher FPS (60+). I can probably expand my budget a few hundred New Zealand dollars. I have about 1.2 NZD so would that be enough to get what I've asked for? And I'm not including the mouse/keyboard in my budget.

    For my videos, I want to be able to record at 60 FPS because personally, 30 FPS feels horrible to play at.
  6. Honestly, that budget is pretty low for the type of computer you are requesting, especially when factoring in a monitor (which only allows me to presume you are going to request a keyboard, mouse, and speakers as well). What you just mentioned sounds like a pretty good computer for light gaming. The graphics card is where you'd get your FPS, along side the CPU and RAM. Normally CPUs alone are around $300~ if you go with intel. Plus or Minus depending on the series.
  7. You know what, this might cut it, maybe go a with a bit cheaper build than this one

    This is 500€ or 800 NZD
    CPU: Intel i3 4330
    MoBo: MSI H81M-E33
    HDD: WD Blue 1TB
    GPU: Sapphire R9 270x
    RAM: Crucial Ballistix 4GB x2
    PSU: CX430M
    Case: Cooler Master Elite 342