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  1. Hey,

    Recently I have decided to completely make-over my PC. I've had it since 2012-2013 and I haven't cleaned it or upgraded it since then. Right now I am going to try cleaning it (I only noticed it was dirty when I bothered to look through the holes in the box with my iPhone torch, the CPU Fan is clogged with dust). So I've decided to go and buy some compressed air, anti-static dusters and some anti-static wristbands (I'm being cautious, k?).

    That is hard enough, I have never cleaned a computer before so I guess I just start spraying everything to clean the dirt off? Can someone clarify how you clean a desktop? (I noob, yes).

    Now to the interesting bit. I'm looking to upgrade my specs. I'm currently running on an advent dt2410. It currently has 8GB of RAM and I think I'm going to make use of the second (and last) slot so I'll fill it in with another 8GB which makes 16GB which I believe is the maximum my processor can cope with. I have no idea how I do anything like this, I've googled what type of RAM I need and I believe its 240-pin ddr3 pc3-10600 1333mhz. I have a few questions about this first of all, I know these will be stupid but my computer is my pride and joy and if I broke it I would be murdered by my bank. If I put in another 8GB of RAM to the other slot thingy and turned the machine on what would I have to do? Would it just function normally just with extra power?

    And now the bit I am dreading most. Upgrading from HDD's to SSD's. I am not an idiot in knowing what they are or actually any other specifications even slightly related to server its just I've never actually installed anything myself, I've only clicked a few buttons selecting the best processors etc.

    I need to keep my data so I need to back that up somewhere online, probably on my VPS. So I have my files but when I switch my HDD's to SSD's it will have wiped everything to factory setting, I'm pretty sure anyway. So I then have to somehow install Windows 8, firstly I have no idea how I installed it originally and I do not have a disk of any sort. So I need to somehow download windows to this new computer then import all my files, and games, and steam, and origin, and 100 other things. If I got anything wrong please tell me but finally. Is it worth the hassle upgrading to SSD's? I know it makes servers access data quicker but I don't know if its worth me upgrading my desktop. What do you think?

    On a closing note if I have said anything wrong please tell me.
  2. For the HDD/SSD, I believe there is software which can copy the data from a HDD to a SSD. Also, I wouldn't completely replace your HDD with an SSD, I would have both a SSD and a HDD. I would run the OS on the SSD then put all the larger files on the HDD. Unless you are going to buy a 1tb SSD or similar :), but they're very expensive (I'd still take a backup though)

    Any extra RAM you install should automatically be seen by your OS. At least that is what happened when I installed some extra ram in one of my older PCs.
  3. So I literally just take out the two 4GB Memory cards and replace them with two 8GB memory cards and all will be good?
  4. Yes, but 8gb is decently good unless you're doing hardcore rendering.
    For the installation of the OS on a new SSD, just connect your SSD and install windows on it. Then take your files you want to keep on the older HHD and transfer it on the new SSD. After that just format your HHD and create some symbolic links if you want.
  5. From the stats I have provided is there anything else I should upgrade? I want to make it as good as it can be :p