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  1. Greetings,

    Many people talked about Spigot's anti X-ray being a major performance killer for weaker servers and ours is having trouble with it, too.
    I'd like to propose an option to trade RAM for performance, saving the altered chunks that are sent to players so you wouldn't have to run over the same chunk again and again.
    These stored chunks would be sent again to requesting players.

    As for players naturally altering a chunk, I don't know how this must be done exactly. Updating parts of the chunks and overwriting them sounds possible, though.

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  2. Well look at it this way. You have a server with 500 people on. Let's say there are about 100,000 loaded chunks. The amount of RAM that all that uses before AntiXRay is a ton. Now let's just keep a duplicate of those chunks, each different for every player. You are now needing exponentially higher amounts of RAM. And the CPU usage isn't too horrible on a well thought out machine. It is one of the few features that is threaded. All in all, it is fine how it is. Have you tried both engines to see which works best?
  3. I thought that the chunks are always the same for each player they are sent to, you could also calculate any changes once and update these to every single player. I don't see why they should be stored per player.
    Weaker servers may have 8 GB RAM and use only 3-4 GB of these, while they cannot just put in another cpu core. They would greatly gain performance for like just another 1.5gb (around 30€), but not buy a powerful CPU for 800+€. This is a price issue.
    Bigger servers with 500 people on them will most likely run on a stronger machine that can rather afford CPU power instead of RAM, they'd be running their own way.
    You could probably also count which chunks are used how often and depending on that just save these that are in major use.

    We are currently experiencing performance drops having 20 players flying around and we cannot find any plugin responsible for that.
  4. It would be nice if they added the caching feature that the main orebfuscator plugin has.
  5. Hmm. There has to be some sort of way to rewrite it and make it more friendly, but I'm not too sure how using RAM will help. Maybe a caching feature could help.
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    I haven't seen it being a performance killer at all.... Just look at timings, its like 0.002%
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