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  1. Andre_601


    Let's agree that the amount of pinned posts in categories is... a lot.
    I mean even this category has 10 pinned posts all about topics from which some aren't even really related to this category in the first place.
    The 10 pinned posts

    I would like to suggest now to try and "condense" those posts into more general ones that contain the information for the respective categories.
    This could help get rid of the chaos of where you can find what to know.

    To give some general ideas of what posts could be combined:

    • Official Support FAQ, Account Removal Information, Forum Etiquette: Blanking Threads, How to Make a Bug Report, Contact Us and PSA: How To Write a Report Like a Pro could be combined into a Post called Spigot Forum and Software Info or something similar.
    • Update Checking, Resources Reminder: Don't distribute code you don't own! and Premium Resource Guidelines could be combined into a Post called Resource Info and Guidelines
    As you can see did I combine almost 90% of the posts into two posts which could cover them all and make thematically sense.

    I'm just not a fan of seeing so many pinned threads in a category, especially when you're on mobile and condensing them into more combined posts would be better for many reasons:
    1. People would have it more easy to find the info they're looking for. Instead of looking through 10 different posts for the guidelines they need would there be 3 they need to check.
    2. Better maintainability. Instead of maintaining 10 different posts that needs updates when needed would it be simpler to manage.
    This suggestion, if applied, should also be considered for any of the other categories where the amount of pinned messages exceeds a reasonable amount (i.e. anything above 4 pins is imo bloat)

    Thank you for reading.
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  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Yeah this category is a bit crazy, but I think the others are generally fine?
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  3. maybe an option for that could be a new category, like "Spigot Software and Forum Info" just below "News and Announcements" and "Developer News and Announcements"

    Then in that category, just have a bunch of pinned posts that relate to rules, Spigot software, Spigot forums, etc etc.
    Cleans up this category
  4. Andre_601


    I didn't check the other ones, but this categorie for sure needs clean-up.