CONFIG.getStringList error

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  1. I'm trying to create a plugin and I want to load a few lines from a config file. A friend told me to add this code:
    but it gives an error at the CONFIG
  2. Did you define a variable named "CONFIG"?
  3. Is CONFIG defined? And why the static?!
  4. eehm good question, but no, I don't have a variable... Can you please tell me how to do that?
    I'm just starting...
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  5. without the static blacklist doesnt work...
  6. @TheAsher0001 I recommend learning Java and object oriented programming properly before continuing with the API. (Otherwise you would know how to handle access without static)
  7. If i get access with the static the problem is solved... I dont see the problem... I only dont know how to define variables
    and i'm trying to learn java by creating Plugins and watching YT videos
  8. Which is a terrible way to learn, as somewhat seen by this thread itself.

    You're missing a fundamental basis of programming concepts, try starting here:
  9. k i will follow your advise...