1.8.8 Config path not returning the correct value

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  1. Context:
    Code (Text):
                            ConfigManager.get().set("location", blockLocation);
                            ConfigManager.get().set("chestLocked", chestLocked);
                            if(ConfigManager.get().getInt("location.x") == (blockX) && ConfigManager.get().getInt("location.y") == (blockY)){
                                System.out.println("Data exists");
                                System.out.println("Data does not exist");
    For some reason in the statement ConfigManager.get().getInt("location.x") is returning 0. However I can clearly check by printing out the values that it's 56.

    Here's what my config looks like:

    Code (Text):
      ==: org.bukkit.Location
      world: world
      x: 56.0
      y: 63.0
      z: 295.0
      pitch: 0.0
      yaw: 0.0
    chestLocked: false
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    The path location.x does not exist so it returns the default value (0). You can just grab the location (Location location = config.getLocation("location"))
  3. getLocation() isn't there for me.
  4. FrostedSnowman

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  5. SteelPhoenix


    It exists in the newest Spigot versions according to the Javadoc
    But like FrostedSnowman said, you can also cast it as it's still ConfigurationSerializable.