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Discussion in 'Lib's Plugins' started by minepro97, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Not sure what it is, but the config for libs hunger games seems weird. There seem to be few options, but I guess there are without it being clear what they are. I have no idea how to configure things like percentage chances for certain events. Configuring a potion effect kit ability seems to only work with potions that have a splash capability or that have an actual potion. I tried various things with potion IDs, yet it didn't seem to work. All I want is Absorbsion or Health Boost... I normally figure these things out myself, but I can't seem to with this config.
  2. First start your server, and get familiar with the base plugin. no edits will be fine, learn the kits and menu's.
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  4. The potion effect "Instant Health" does not work and there is a massive error in the console when used.
  5. Names of potion effects would help. The page you linked me to didn't have heal next to instant health at all. Instant health is the only name visible in the game interface itself. The value '6' representing Instant Health did not work.

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    Instant health wasn't in that page..
    It was just called Heal.
  7. That is what I was saying. I did ctrl+f health and I only got regeneration.
  8. It seems I missed this post. I feel the config is 'dumbed-down' too much. Potion effect ids do not work and a lot of things are too specific for my liking. Maybe I am just new the config, but I am not enjoying the way it works at the moment.
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    To go to that extent I would have to start bloating the plugin.

    I'm not being paid for this and I do it in my free time.
  10. Well I personally would prefer potion ids over names, and at least a names.txt that has the names for each potion effect.

    Plus it seems you are extremely active, more so than any other plugin coder I have met.

    I found another example of where the configuration seems to have been made too user-friendly. I wanted to make a kit that gave potion effects to other players when they hit them or recived hits. I figured I could use a kit from your MCPVP style hunger games to base it on, so I looked at Snail, Cannibal and Viper. None of these let you even change the potion effects, so using the base model to me seems impossible.
  11. Bump.

    How do I make custom potion effects with percentage chance when someone hits/is hit?
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    None of the abilities support that
  13. Snail. Viper. Cannibal. An ability with a custom potion effect would be good.
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